Made with love and integrity in the USA.
With every purchase you help support over 300 US workers.

We’ve been a proud domestic clothing manufacturer for 25 years. During this time we’ve watched the US apparel industry basically disappear. With that said, WE STILL HAVE HOPE!

Tour Image, Inc. the parent company to HeartThreads Clothing, has been making clothes for some of the biggest brands in the industry for years. Everything we do is a conscientious decision to do good. Locally sourced materials, earth friendly inks and dyes, positive artistic design, efficient manufacturing techniques and respected, trusted workforce.

We are very passionate about making clothing:

scott web cotton home grown2From concept to finished garment our manufacturing process has the environment in mind. Our Supima crew neck tee has virtually no carbon footprint. From seed in the ground to finished product is 450+ miles. We use enzyme fabric dyes that are easy on the skin and the environment. Water base inks that are a soft to the touch and PVC and VOC (volatile organic compound – aka nasty fumes) free.

Factory FloorThe positive intent of being manufactured in the USA creates positive energy. We believe that the best way to diffuse positive energy to the world is by a positive act or thought. Everyone who touches the shirt in the manufacturing process, from the local cotton growers to the sewing operators is paid appropriately and feels positive about the outcome. This intent ultimately infuses positive energy into every shirt we make.

scott web made in the usa4By producing clothing in the U.S., we support our own cotton farmers, fabric mills and the workers and help the economy. Keeping the dollar here, consumers have more money to spend on made in America products. It’s pretty simple.

Thank you for buying USA made eco products.