Why This T shirt is the finest you will ever own

The Cotton

 It’s the cotton – Supima Cotton, is often referred to as “ the cashmere of cottons”.  Supima cotton surpasses other cottons in softness, strength, and brilliance of color.

We buy our cotton from local California farmers. Supima cotton growers know there are no shortcuts to quality.

• Superior softness and luster. 35% longer staple length than regular cotton.
• Increased durability. 45% stronger than regular cotton.
• Vibrant colors and tones. Absorbs and retains color better than regular cottons

Our shirts are Eco-friendly with no carbon footprint.

From cotton seed in the ground to finished product for commerce is only 450 miles.scott web cotton home grown2
USA made and Eco-friendly:
• Our shirts use 70% less fuel in the growing process and transportation of goods than imported shirts. Advances in US farming practices are recognized at saving over 1 billion liters of tractor fuel.
• Virtually no carbon footprint per shirt. From cotton seed to finished product is 450 miles.
• Using the latest technologies allow U.S. cotton producers to minimize the impact on the environment by using less water, land and energy.
• Reduced Carbon Oxide. The annual cotton crop has the same beneficial impact as removing 7.25 million passenger vehicles from the roads.

Made with love and integrity in California

scott web made in the usa4

Most of our shirts are 100% Made in the USA by highly skilled workers we consider our family and friends. By producing HeartThreads in the Southern California, we support local farmers, workers and fabric mills and help the economy.
• Happy employees insure superior craftsmanship and consistent quality.
• Guarantees a “Sweat Shop Free” work environment.
• Advocates for environmentally –friendly work practices.
• Supporting local community activities and charities.